Our Mission Statement

‘To generate value for all our stakeholders by managing and controlling businesses that, through marketing, manufacturing and/or logistical excellence, deliver quality, cost-competitive products to our customers in a sustainable manner.’

Metair’s success is built on a culture of excellence, which is essential in order to meet the exacting quality our clients demand from our products.

Since 2005 the redesign of the business has been guided by our strategic vision. We’re currently in the Globalisation phase, which is broken down into seven key points that form the focus of our strategy:

1. Balance our business by expanding the energy storage vertical
2. Nurture our Original Equipment (OE) business in South Africa and expand the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customer base
3. Focus intently on cost
4. Secure and grow the aftermarket product range
5. Grow our Africa footprint
6. Adapt to technological challenges
7. Establish the principle of being an exemplary custodian within every employee that underpins the group’s core social and ethical values


2011 South Africa
2012 South Africa, Romania
2013 South Africa, Romania, Turkey
2014 South Africa, Romania, Turkey
2015 South Africa, Romania, Turkey, UK
2016 South Africa, Romania, Turkey, UK, Kenya
2017 South Africa, Romania, Turkey, UK, Kenya, China, Germany