Metair’s most significant impacts on natural capital and the environment are through our carbon emissions, energy consumption, water consumption and the waste produced in our manufacturing activities and recycling facilities. Taking a responsible approach to managing our impact on the natural environment aligns with our core social and ethical values and helps to build social and relationship capital with customers, communities and regulators. Failure to adequately manage our environmental impacts risks reputational damage, fines and the loss of our social licence to operate.

Environmental issues are monitored by our social and ethics committee (of which our CEO is a member), which then reports to the board. At operational level, environmental management forms part of the safety, health and environment (SHE) function.

We believe that formal measurable and auditable systems are of utmost importance to allow objective measurement of performance against world class standards. All of the group’s subsidiaries are accredited under ISO 14001 (environmental management) and are in the process of implementing ISO 50001 (energy management).

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