Key businesses

    Company   Ownership   Key businesses and products
  Smiths manufacturing   75%   Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and climate control systems, air cleaners, wiper and washer systems, radiators, reserve tanks, charge air coolers, compressors, engine control units, air conditioning pipes and hoses, cooling modules, radiator fan shrouds and condensers
  Hesto Harnesses   74.9%   Wiring harnesses, instrument cluster/combination meters, moulded parts
  Lumotech   100%   Headlights, tail lights, reflectors and plastic injection mouldings
  Supreme Spring Division   100%   Coil springs, leaf springs, stabiliser bars, torsion bars


Smiths Plastics
  100%   Plastic injection moulding, chrome plating, body colour painting and assembly
  Unitrade   100%   Automotive cable, automotive wire
  ATE   100%   Brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, hydraulics and other braking components
  Valeo SA   49%   Front end modules
  Tenneco Automotive   25.1%   Shock absorbers, struts