Key businesses

    Company   Ownership   Key businesses and products
  Smiths manufacturing   75%   Air-conditioning and climate control systems, air cleaners, wiper and washer systems, radiators, reserve tanks, charge air coolers, compressors, engine control units
  Hesto Harnesses   74.9%   Wiring harnesses, instrument cluster/combination meters, moulded parts
  Lumotech   100%   Headlights, tail lights, reflectors and plastic injection mouldings
  Supreme Spring Division   100%   Coil springs, leaf springs, stabiliser bars, torsion bars


Smiths Plastics
  100%   Plastic injection moulding, chrome plating, body colour painting and assembly
  Unitrade   100%   Automotive cable, automotive wire
  ATE   100%   Brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, hydraulics and other braking components
  Valeo SA   49%   Front end modules
  Tenneco Automotive   25.1%   Shock absorbers, struts

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