Khaya Community Centre

Metair head office supports the Khaya Community Centre
in Lehae, Johannesburg. The project is a partnership with Orange Babies and involves the local municipality to ensure the sustainability of the facility and the project.

The Khaya Centre includes an early childhood learning facility, educational facilities for school-going children, a bakery and kitchen, a sewing room, training rooms, a victim support centre and a primary health care facility. Educational facilities in the centre include four fully equipped classrooms, a computer room, a secure play area, two counselling rooms and a library.

The Khaya Centre reopened in January 2016 and we supported the local community in the following ways:

  • 720 Orphans and Vulnerable Children received two meals a day
  • 106 elderly palliative clients receive one meal a day and one food parcel a week.
  • 102 Early Childhood Development (ECD) students attend our learning facility each day and receive three meals a day.
  • 109 clients were counselled and assisted in the Victim Empowerment Centre.
  • 120 children and 20 staff members have acquired basic computer skills in our IT Training Centre.
  • 6 ECD teachers have received further education and qualification training at a professional learning institution.
  • 80 teenagers are enrolled in our Young Life Program.