ABM – Lightning Hearts

ABM’s ‘Lighting Hearts’ initiative supports community institutions that cater for the disadvantaged by donating and installing solar equipment that improves peoples’ lives, such as solar powered lighting, water pumps and water heaters.

The Happy Nairobi Children’s Home provides a safe home for approximately twenty vulnerable girls from the local community. ABM installed a PV solar system that provides power for at least 20 lights for around 15 hours, so that the children can read and study after dark. The installation also includes a solar water pump to provide irrigation from the shallow well on the property. Previously, the children had to draw water from the well by hand, but now the water can be used to develop a vegetable garden to provide vegetables for the home.

Most of the institutions identi ed support anywhere from 100 to 500 pupils or people that bene t directly from these installations. However, installations such as solar water pumps can have a far wider impact where these improve access to water for the broader community.

ABM’s goal is to identify and support institutions in communities around its 16 service centres across Kenya.